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Let's get CRYSTAL clear

For 15 years Ashley has successfully led dynamic projects, infusing transparency, creativity, and innovation into over 50 organizations, across many different industries, started her own consultancy, and founded Middle of the Root.

As a visionary, Ashley sees how everything is interconnected and is able to create with intention. Whether she is reviving a brand for a corporation, cultivating strategy for a socially-minded organization, or nurturing growth for a startup, the holistic picture is always in sight.


Ashley believes in people first, and profits later. She believes life is more than a status or wealth symbol, which is why the core of her work is based on forming relationships and understanding people and
 cultures from all over the world. Her highly intuitive, empathetic spirit helps build connections, uplift stories, and bring people together for a common good.


Over the past six years, Ashley has immersed herself in rural America, working in conservation, and alongside the soul and sweat dedicated to preserving our planet. She has also been instrumental in helping form the next generation of stewards to be the change we need. She finds this work truly rewarding and is committed to doing good doing wherever she lands.


Ashley is fascinated with improving processes, distilling information, and a natural at creative problem-solving. In fact, even as a marketer and designer, it is this common thread woven throughout her career that brings her much satisfaction. She has been able to fine-tune a process or introduce a new system along the way which saved people and companies time and money and also made things a heck of a lot easier.

Rooted deeply in awareness and experience, and keeping in tune with her gifts and talents,
Ashley holds a strong desire to continue shifting our world toward more meaningful and sustainable solutions. 
Her next role will need to be with a socially-minded, sustainable company that cares deeply for its people, and just happens to make money while doing so.
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Over the years Ashley has...

CRAFTED business and marketing plans, putting a startup farm on the map, broadening a beverage company's distribution, and catapulting a food biz into growth mode. 

REIMAGINED outdated brands, garnering new support and boosting event attendance. RESTRUCTURED inventory management, saving multiple companies time and money.  REDEVELOPED websites by consolidating clicks and improving the customer journey.

CREATED logos capturing awareness and engaging content, expanding audiences.  

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