Steinhaugen Logo - BWO.png

The owners of this start-up brewery wanted a label that wasn't fussy and that reflected a classic beer. Inspired by the graffiti on the side of their "new" warehouse building I snapped a few photos and took them over to the illustrator where I live traced and formed some new shapes to create the final image. We were all super happy with the logo and the ability to bring a piece of history back to life.


SWAJE is a multicultural lifestyle brand with textiles inspired by multicultural and women empowerment, based out of L.A., California.
The client wanted a clean, simple, and timeless logo to accompany, not overshadow their inspirations.


This logo was created for my nonprofit start-up, Middle of the Root (MOR). I created a few versions of this to gain input from the community. We landed on a design that spoke to the core of a community and the triple-sustainable approach MOR would be using to combat food insecurity in the Triad.