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Worked closely with the Town Mayor and staff to develop and implement a strategy to "GET MORE PEOPLE OUTDOORS."
We rebranded the town's website and built out the PLAY page with interactive maps guiding them to their jumping-off point for outdoor fun and adventure. 


Leading brainstorming sessions with the Town Mayor and staff, we uncovered an amazing opportunity to host the town's first National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Bike Race at Farris Memorial Park, an opportunity that would showcase the newly developed 3-mile bike trail while also uplifting the strategy and town's commitment to the "Get More People Outdoors."

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As the Event and Marketing Project Manager, I led the creative charge for the brand, developed the event logo, marketing collateral, managed community sponsorships, vendors, budget, and served as a liaison to the race staff leading up to and on race day.


We also partnered with the arts council to display colorful bikes throughout town and signage at local businesses welcoming racers and fans.

The event was super successful, exceeding the 400 racer, and attendees we'd expected with overwhelmingly positive feedback and an ask from NICA to return the following year with Mayodan hosting the championship race. 


Imagery from the bike race was used to develop a digital and print ad campaign highlighting 1000 acres of parks and outdoor recreation to be discovered.