This past week has been tough. The transition from a fast-paced, jam-packed travel schedule throughout six countries in three months back to my home, trying to get organized and focused personally and professionally, this when I have a million experiences and ideas to process from an incredible once-in-a-lifetime journey. It's tough, but it's something that is needed, and this opportunity presented itself at exactly the right time.

As I refer to transitions, it's important to understand and realize that I have transformed MASSIVELY in the past two years. I attribute a lot of this to the passing of my grandmother. She is the first person I've ever witnessed transition from being here on earth to reaching and talking through dimensions. Since she left her physical body, her spirit has been ever-so present in my life. I feel her guiding me and opening up new gateways I never even knew existed. Along with that, my third eye has broken through, and it's expanding daily. I'm much more aware, in-tune and present. I'm much happier. I've aligned myself with people who lift me up. I practice yoga and meditation daily. I journal. I'm drawing again. It's been surreal.

In the past, I would pick apart people..situations... dwell. I got hyper-focused on what-if's and I often sought out to end something before it began. I was a people pleaser. My worth was based on how many people liked me. My reality was based on years of programming and trauma that had never been dealt with. I am proud to say, I am no longer that person.

Now, I look at life differently, I see obstacles as adventurous challenges. I know life has curve balls and things may not always go as planned, but for me it's no longer about the things, it's about how I chose to handle the unexpected. And most importantly, I've learned to trust myself, my gut, my intuition.

A woman jumping for joy over the scenery in Porto, Portugal.
Photo Cred: Afonso Godinho | Porto, Portugal

During my three-month journey throughout Europe and North Africa I had plenty of unexpected happenings. This picture represents the first of many.

I arrived in Porto, Portugal expecting to check-in to my AirBNB quickly after arrival, change and freshen up for this photoshoot and then head to our meeting spot. That changed though, and I ended up having to check-in after the photoshoot, which left me with all of my luggage in a lovely, comfy ensemble fit for the bus ride I just took. There are a lot of ways I could've handled this and I know what the old me might have done, BUT I chose to pay a small fee to store my bags at a local locker space, packed my backpack with makeup and a change of clothes and headed into Porto to explore until it was time for the shoot. I changed clothes and freshened up at the train station when the shoot began. This picture is one of the last shots taken of me that day and it makes me super proud.

This shot is me celebrating everything that I am, everything I've become, and everything that I am capable of. It's me embracing transitions and choosing happiness.

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