Need a logo and

want your team or

company involved

in the process?



Are you a start-up needing a logo? Maybe you opted for a basic clip art logo years ago and your team has been begging you to revamp your brand? Or you simply want to look more professional. Logo workshops will vary based on your needs, wants, desires.
The goal with the logo workshop is to educate your team, staff and/or company on basic principles of logo design and branding. Involve the group in a creative brainstorming activity for your business and come out of the workshop with at least one concept you all feel good about.
After the workshop we take your concept to the next level, providing you with several options to select from and then tweaking the design until you are 100% happy with your new logo.
Successful workshops have at least 5 participants and are capped at 12.

We work together

to create your

dream website over 

6-10 weeks!





Depending on one person to manage your website may not be an option for you or maybe you want to be able to make small changes to your site, simply and quickly! That's why we created website workshops and offer a variety to choose from based on your level of expertise and needs of the business/organization. Our workshops are designed to work independently or as a set so you can choose one, two or all three!
Introduction to Websites Workshop (2-4 hours) gives an overview of how to create and manage your website, reviews tools and features of your website and necessary components every business should include on their website, leaving you with a framework to successfully get started.
Website Design Workshop (3-6 hours) is focused on developing the content, imagery and story behind your website. We will complete several brainstorming activities and start to implement the basic structure and design of the website including theme, colors and fonts.
Advance Your Website Workshop (2-4 hours) is dedicated to advancing your website and taking it to the next level. If you are curious about apps, social media integration, adding new sections or changing the style then this workshop will help you discover what's lacking, what's slacking and ways to improve your current design.